About Us

Hello audience my name is Hasnain Yousafazi and I belong from Karachi after getting my earlier education I am going for higher studies towards FAST where we get DIT degree after that I start to create a website in early days it’s my amusement but the cycle of time where moving and my amusement will become developed in affection. I launched my website and video channel for my most appreciated and watchful audience. I am very keen to give recent to my audience or viewers some things were never seen before or substance that made an impression just not only for viewing but also my viewers gets precisely benefits from my conceptions.

My site ApkYousafzai.com is already launched and running successfully with the help or guidance of my viewership my surrounded community has not been fully well versed or said to be not been empowered with technology completely that’s why I m trying to give attention to both classes of technologies android and desktop and both were appreciated by the grace of All might Allah by my viewers. Every day is new for me and I try to give new induction in-app basket or site that makes your mind clearer. All the apps reviews provided by ApkYousafzai.com team are 100% authentic and also in working. The object behind creations is to update my followers with new apps and sites that were invented by developers in the market. I hope you can like my efforts and give your precious views on my aspirations.